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Popular Cases of Bizarre Insurance Claim Involving Automobile

Numerous cases of bizarre insurance claim confront insurance companies every year. These involve motorbikes, cars or minibuses. There is also the involvement of plants, animals and nonliving objects. If you want to know about these outlandish claims, following are some of the popular and real instances raising many eyebrows.

One automobilist was in such a scare when a wasp aviated into his car and passed through his trouser that he pressed the accelerator hard; regrettably, his vehicle also hit a car in front. Cows can cause a problem. Related to this, a bike rider claimed that a cow leapt onto his vehicle presumably by chance and not with the intention of driving away with the bike. In yet another bizarre insurance claim, a driver told the insurance company that he collided with a cow in the middle of the road while coming over a hill. Subsequently, it hit the bonnet and damaged the windscreen with its back end. Luckily, the cow escaped unhurt.

While moving past a herd of cattle in a car, it is advisable to stay away from their tongues. The reason is in a bizarre insurance claim a driver told that the cows spoiled the paintwork of his car by licking it. Apart from cows, other animals heavily contributing to bizarre insurance claim include deer, African Zebras and squirrels. 

Believe it or not! Weirdly flying kebabs can be a potential danger on the road. Seemingly, a driver was moving along a circular course when an ice-covered kebab flew from his vehicle, striking a passing car and inducing damage.

All such instances of bizarre insurance claim have surprised many people. In spite of all these claims, the significance of owning a motor insurance cannot be overlooked. You never know when an unforeseen event will land you in trouble.  



Funeral Insurance: Opt For It with Reliable & Expert Advice

Funeral Insurance will make sure that you need not be worried about how your burial expenses will be compensated. Your family members will have no apprehensions regarding the means to make payment for your interment. In New Zealand, individuals can rely upon the services of various insurance consultants to choose the best funeral insurance policy. These consulting firms have experts who offer fully personalized advices on various insurers and premium options round the clock.  

Various insurance advisory companies advocate that before buying funeral insurance you receive quotes from a wide array of insurance companies to make sure you are acquiring the most excellent policy for you.

They provide free service without any obligation and will do all the hard work on your behalf to get comparisons of different premiums, so that you do not need to run around. All you need to do is to fill out the no obligation inquiry form and the advisory firms will then analyze the premiums charged by up to 5 prominent New Zealand funeral insurers. The most reputable insurance companies in the country include Pinnacle Life, Tower Insurance, Dorchester Life, One Path, Fidelity Life and Sovereign Insurance.

The consulting companies will send you an electronic mail after that with premiums, comparability charts, electronic booklets and tailor-made suggestions. The advantages of funeral insurance include the following:

Approval is assured up to age 85 by means of different insurers. No medical queries are asked of you. It is quite straightforward to buy with easy 1-2 page forms. There is the alternative to apply on-line and get your funeral insurance coverage confirmed right away. Once the policy has been brought out, the premium amount will not alter at any cost. Coverage varies between $5,000 and all the way through $20,000 contingent upon the insurer. So, cover your funeral costs now to remain worry-free for the rest of your life.

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Insurance Brokers Need to Be Trained Well in Communication Skills & Ethical Practices

The work of insurance policy selling is a very delicate matter. It is about the investments of people for a long term. Most of the insurance plans related to life policies need a continuous investment for many years. Different other points need to be clarified to the people.

People, on the other hand have become more aware of different rules and regulations. They ask a lot of questions. Various comparative data are required by them to finalize their decision. To make such a clarification of their points, the insurance brokers should be completely aware about the policy they are promoting.

When they approach people about life insurance NZ policy, they need to know everything in detail about it. Besides the particular policy in question, they should also be able to tell about other policies. This helps create a confidence in the customers. Only then the policy is guaranteed to sell.

On the other hand, the factor of ethics should also be maintained by these brokers. They are supposed to be experts in the field. So they are banked upon by the people to give them the required policy under life insurance NZ. Since a lot of plans are coming out on regular basis, a minimum level of competency is expected from the agents.

Many insurance companies are nowadays hiring people after a round of interview and test. After that, these insurance brokers have to undergo a proper training program. Only after an initial test and training, they are offered the job. It is during the initial years of their work, they need to give in a good service. This helps them attain higher positions in the company in later years.

Since the public is aware now about different policies, trying to sell products with wrong information can lead to trouble. Calling a spade as a spade is more required here than anywhere else. A broker, who remains in the fray for a long period with sincerity, can get lots of business advantages in the long run.

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